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We publish cases from our members that we believe can help improve the practice of sports medicine. We feature cases that communicate:

  • Treatment being used in professional sports
  • New techniques our members believe are improvements over conventional practices
  • Unusual incidents or diagnoses that can help alert members to situations they may encounter
Each case has a related message board to enable you to ask questions or provide specific input.

If you have a case you believe is of interest, please click here to contact us or submit materials for review. If you are not able to prepare the case yourself, our staff will be happy to draft the case for your review prior to publishing.

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Featured Cases of Interest
Dr. Jan Fronek, team physician for the San Diego Padres, treats a minor league first baseman with left shoulder pain and slight weakness. Tests reveal a chronic Grade III AC joint separation with calcification of the coraco-clavicular ligaments as well as a large, complete tear of the rotator cuff with retraction and increased signal of the supraspinatus muscle. More...
In the News - Sports Medicine
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