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We have teamed with iUniverse.com to get you published.

iUniverse.com is an on-demand publisher that prints books only after it is ordered. This allows iUniverse to print in small batches at low cost while providing speedy service to authors. Your manuscript will always be accepted unless it violates iUniverse.com's policy regarding sexually explicit, pornographic, or hate-related material. The ProTeamPhysicians.com Publishing Center and Bookstore, powered by iUniverse.com, offers:
  • Three great program choices
  • Guidance from an iUniverse.com Publishing Services Associate
  • Unique cover design
  • An ISBN
  • Top-of-the-line royalties
  • Best book distribution available
  • Strong author discounts
  • Book promotion services, including Author Toolkit and interactive communities to help you market your work
Examples of the types of works you can publish here:
  • Healthcare career guides
  • Anecdotes of your work and life
  • The novel you've always wanted to write
  • Your long-out-of-print book
All books published by iUniverse are available for purchase at bookstores across the country and online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com. Interested? Get started by going to iUniverse.com; to choose the publishing program that's right for you.

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