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We have screened and selected top-of-the-line Web merchants who sell the things you want to buy. Using our collective buying power, we have arranged deals and special values - such as a 10 percent discount on monthly specials at Flowerbud.com.

We will be adding more merchants over the next few months, including those that specialize in travel and finance. If you have any requests or feedback, please contact us
Palm Connected Organizers are keeping people organized and helping physicians be more efficient. Prices are already so low on the Internet, no one would go lower. So we surfed the Net and found some of the lowest prices at trustworthy retailers Buy.com and Outpost.com.

Can't figure out which one to choose? Take a look at C-Net's top five picks. Here's a tip: Look for one with lots of memory (RAM).

Ten percent off beautiful Table Top Roses for your home or as a gift. Be sure to use your PTP promotional code: ptp10.

The largest selection of books available on the Internet, plus music, software, and more.
Electronics, cameras and computers at low prices. Check out the business traveler section.
Internet superstore with a huge selection of electronics and hardware at discounted prices.
The freshest flowers on the Internet. Picked as buds and delivered overnight in first-class packaging. PTP members get a 10 percent discount off their purchases at Flowerbud.com. To get the discount, you must type in the promotion code ptp10 when you begin to check out. All Flowerbud.com prices include shipping.

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